Chor Leader

Hi l’m Andisiwe Mbunje Gaqa born in Eastern Cape, l still remember when l came to cape town for the first time with my mom when she was hunting for a job…as young as l was l can still remember very clearly how I was brought up. Well she did find one but she never stopped the hustle. l would go around selling chicken feet and veggies around the township. That’s how l grew up. Biologically l have two sisters but because of how accommodative and generous my mom is we end up with 10 more children from our family members all under the same roof, sharing beds and clothes. There was no privacy how so ever, we were actually crowded. Almost all my aunts would drop their children by my mom’s house hence why l grew up referring to my cousins as my brothers and cousin brothers.
Even now l have two adopted children, a son and a daughter so now l have four children in total and to be honest l cannot afford them, yes l do want to help but l feel the pressure. Nevertheless l have the passion and love for what l do which is helping, make children smile and meet them half way towards their dreams.
I studied Performing Arts at the New Africa Academy in 2008, which makes me a professional actor. I worked in the Netherlands in a play called Amandla Mandela The Musical, I went to Georgia and Atlanta on a boat called Cape Agalus 2, I worked there as a presenter to teach the experience with scientists. Yes, I am beautiful from the inside, I love my township so much that I refused to work abroad on one occasion because I knew how much I was needed at home. Being at home feels so good, it is not easy to be here and not abroad, but here I am supported by my husband while I am doing these volunteer activities. I know that one day all my hard work will be rewarded and all my dreams will come true. It is not easy to pay 1,700 Rand in fees for the preschool of my two children. Some months are the worst, so I have asked my mother and friends for help but I know that this is a temporary phase.
And another thing is, l did a movie called the Zulu with Foris one take last year in camps bay at Matsekes family doing his projects in helping the society.
l have done lot of movies and lot of theatre shows up until l decided to put my main focus on my own project which is Isibane se Africa, more than anything l needed to grow the choir but believe that it’s not only money that can helps a lot but resources such as computers, books, smartphones and knowledge. And most importantly l want all my members to experience the love and be able to treat each other as family


One of the oldest members
Hello my name is Lutho I stay in a  township called Khayelitsha. I’m one of the oldest members of this choir isabane se Africa. I started singing when I was ten years old and that’s when I discovered that I’m talented in many ways and in many things. In the choir I’m a soprano singer and I’m a drum player. I grew up staying with my father and not knowing my mom. I stayed with my father and his wife who did not accept me as her own child. She mistreated me and called me names because of my mom who I never knew. I finished my grade 12 but due to the lack of support from my father’s side I did not continue my studies. But one day I would really love to be a beauty therapist because I love doing things with my hands. Thank you.


Choir dancer
Hi my name is Sisa.. I stay in Khayelitsha with my parents and two sisters and three nieces and i am a member of Isibane se Africa, I’m the best dancer in Isibane se Africa. I’ve been a member of Isibane se Africa from 2014 until now. I’m very responsible at my mother’s house. My mother is not working, she’s just selling and sweets. People now decided to cut the cables and the wires to the train station so the trains don’t go, they are not working now so it’s hard for me to support my mother, I’m the only person who is working at my mother’s house. I’m getting a salary at Isibane se Africa so that I can buy food for my mother and support my family and my oldest sister had decided she wanted to join Isibane se Africa but she keeps drinking her money and she’s not taking care of herself. She’s eating HIV pills but she doesn’t take care of herself now so I’m the one person who’s taking responsibility at the house. So that doesn’t feel good, I’m not able for that. And I just need help to get more money to support my mother. And I need my own place to stay so that I can feel free.


Choir member
Hi my name is Zizipho Bilikwana, l live in Khayelitsha with my grandparents.I can’t thank Andisiwe Gaqa enough for accepting me for who lam which being a lesbian,which is a very rare thing in my community where people are very homophobic and backward, l don’t feel safe around them at all nevertheless l’m proud of who I am and l don’t regret a thing which why l vouch people to live on their true identity.Well l have a matric certificate that has been laying in there since 2018 due to lack of funds, my wish is to further my studies….all thanks to Andisiwe for making realise that it’s not too late for me to study further.